Our philosophy

For us, supporting PostgreSQL is not a sign of commercial opportunism, but the expression of long-term involvement in the community. The choice of open source is also the choice of involment in the software development community.


Our reputation is built upon the quality and quantity of our contributions to the PostgreSQL community. Therefore Dalibo encourages all its employees to spend up to 20% of their time working in community activities: writing or proofreading code as well as writing articles, organising conferences, etc.

With Dalibo Labs, our intent is to promote open source projects that we develop internally. Once those projects grow and find their own community, we usually transfer the ownership to independant groups of developers. Here is a list of tools that we launched initially: pgBadger, PoWA, HypoPG, PAF, OPM, check_pgactivity and check_pgbackrest. While we are still active on most of them, they are now community-driven projects!

We also contribute to a number of open source projects. Here is an incomplete list of the projects we have actively supported over the last 12 years: check_postgres, logsaw, multicorn, Ora2Pg, pg_activity, pg_back, pg_proctab, pgAdmin, pgcli, pgcluu, pgdocs_fr, pgFormatter, pgloader, pg_log_authfail, pgpool, pg_qualstats, pgsnap, pgstats, pg_stat_kcache, PGXN, phpPgAdmin, slony_ctl, sqlite_fdw and PostgreSQL of course!